Untitled document 2012 summer academy

Our summer program lasts eight weeks, Monday through Friday from 9-5. Free lunch is provided (*bagged lunch is optional)*. In order to enhance their experience outside of the classroom, students are taken on weekly field trips to places such as the FIU Engineering Center, frequent flying trips, and visits to a real air traffic control tower. **

Microsoft Flight Simulator:
Goal: Students will learn how to maneuver an aircraft in flight.

Shark Tagging:
Goal: Students will go Shark Tagging with the University of Miami and experience marine biology.

GameStar Mechanic:
Goal: Students will develop and program their own E-Learning online Video Game.

Goal: Students will explore the World of Engines by building their own 4 stroke engine in partnership with George T. Baker High School.

NASA Materials:
Goal: Students will explore various NASA activities from pulling a sample of their on DNA to exploring Electronic Panels used by NASA Engineers.

The Spectacular World of Robots:
Goal: Students will work together in a team to develop and program their very own Robot.

Kinex - Aspects of Engineering:
Goal: Construct and engineer a classroom size Rollercoaster.